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Amazon has Banned 90% of Its Services to Iranians
Not only Apple and Google are banning their service to Iranians, Amazon has also banned 90% of its services to Iranians.
Maxim the Russian Ride-Hailing App Joins the Other 20 Players in the Iranian Market
Russian ride-hailing app Maxim is entering the Iranian market. Iran is considered a promising market for ride-hailing apps due to a large number of passengers and rides, with over 18 million rides per day only in Tehran.
Tehran the Heaven of Ride-Hailing Apps With More Than 18 Million Trips per Day
Tehran is the city of 13.2 million people, with more than 18 million trips per day. This is why Tehran could become a heaven for international ride-hailing apps.
Latest state of the 6 Local Iranian Satellites
The head of the Iranian Space Agency revealed the latest status of 6 local Iranian satellites with Doosti (means friendship) satellite scheduled for launch.
The US Government is Forcing Coursera to Ban Iranian Users Again
 The US government is forcing educational platforms such as Coursera to ban Iranian users. This act is contradictory with the US government policies to enhance the education of world's citizens to solve its problems.
Irancell Tests Its 5G Network With the Help of Ericsson
Irancell, the second largest mobile network operator in Iran tests its 5G networks with the help of Ericsson. In testing, the download speed for Irancell’s 5G network peaked at 23.9 Gbps.
eNAMAD a Mandatory Certificate for All the Online Shops in Iran
There are 25 thousand online shops in Iran which all of them have obtained a certificate named eNAMAD to work legally. In this post, we shed some light on eNAMAD and its origins.
25 Thousand Iranian Online Shops Generated More Than 18 Billion Dollars in Revenue
There are 25 thousand Iranian online shops which have received their eNAMAD certificates up until May 2017. The revenue of these online shops is accounted for more than 18 billion dollars (70 thousand billion Tomans) only in the past year.
Iran Launches Local Navigation System to Reduce the Country’s High Rate of Road Accidents
A new plan for Iranian radio navigation system has been revealed. The system would use cell towers to pinpoint the user's location which could help reduce road fatalities.
Iran Mobile Network Operators Market Share - June 2017
Latest statistics on mobile network operators market share have been released by the Iranian ICT Ministry. These statistics reveal heavy improvements over the past four years with 41.1 million mobile broadband subscribers.

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