The head of the Iranian Space Agency revealed the latest state of the 6 local Iranian satellites including Doosti satellite which is scheduled for launch.


The current state of Iranian satellites

World Space Week (WSW), an annual holiday which is held from 4–10 October in various parts of the world is near. It’s officially defined as “an international celebration of science and technology, and their contribution to the betterment of the human condition.”

Mohsen Bahrami, the head of Iranian Space Agency, at a press conference held for WSW shed some light on the latest state of the local Iranian satellites and said: “Currently, there are five student satellites including Doosti, Amir Kabir, Nahid 1, Zafar and Pars 1 on the agenda and their launch contracts have been signed.”

The Doosti satellite which was designed and built by the Sharif University of Technology is ready to be launched. Amir Kabir satellite is also at the final stage of its flight model and its engineering model has been completed and would be ready in the next six months. The design of flight model of Nahid satellite is also at its final stage. The partial design of Zafar satellite which is being built by Iran University of Science and Technology would be final by the end of the current Solar Hijri year.The concept model of Pars 1 satellite has been started which is designed and constructed by a consortium of different universities.


Mesbah satellite is still seized by the Italian government

Mesbah satellite which was due to be built by Iran in cooperation with Italy’s Carlo Gavazzi Space is also another issue.

Due to the sanction, this satellite was never launched by Russia and Italy. Mesbah the $10 million satellite was supposed to be delivered to Iran in 2011. Iran insists to this day that the satellite should be handed over for its launch by an Iranian launcher.

The head of the Iranian Space Agency also talked about the latest status of this satellite which is being seized by the Italian government. “We are in negotiations with the Italian government to take back the satellite and launch it. We would probably come to a conclusion by the end of this year.”

*Photo Credit: Mehdi Ghorbani, Irna

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