Not only Apple and Google are banning their service to Iranians, Amazon has also banned 90% of its services to Iranians.


Imagine that you live in Iran. You basically don’t have a direct access to credit cards, therefore, no international payment solution. With no international payment solution, you can’t purchase products online from international online stores, you can’t purchase an app or buy online storage from Google or Apple. And this is just the people’s side. If you have a startup in Iran, you can’t rely on any kind of international services for your business, simply because of the US sanctions. 

After Apple and Google banning some of their services to Iranians, the National Center for Cyberspace, also checked the status of Amazon’s services in Iran. According to statistics, Amazon has banned 90% of its services to Iranians.

Forget about using Amazon’s cloud infrastructure services in Iran

The Largest online store in the world has blocked the access of Iranian users to 90% of its services, and only 10% of its services are active in Iran. The study shows that Amazon has around 113 types of services, including 94 cloud infrastructure services, 2 content services, 11 e-commerce related services and 6 other services. However, of these number of services, 93 cloud infrastructure services are blocked for Iranian users and only one is available in Iran. 

On the other hand, from Amazon’s number of e-commerce services, only 5 of these services are active for Iranian users and 6 other services are blocked in Iran. Of the number of content services that the world’s largest online store offers to Iranian users, both of them are active in the country. It is estimated that despite the fact that 100% of content services are active for Iranian users, nearly 100% of Amazon’s cloud infrastructure services are blocked and inactive for people living in Iran. Plus, 50% of Amazon’s e-commerce services are blocked and inactive for Iranians.

Amazon has recently faced some trouble regarding Iran. According to Bloomberg Technology, the internet retail giant Amazon may face penalties after disclosing that it “processed and delivered” to Iranian accounts between 2012 to 2016 that violates U.S. sanction laws against Iran.

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