SnappFood is the largest online food ordering platforms in Iran, however, this startup is focusing on an online grocery shopping to diversify its services and expands its portfolio.

SnappFood has launched its online grocery shopping service for about a year now. Since then, the service has encountered many challenges. However, for each challenge, SnappFood brought a new solution.

Grocery Market in Tehran Amounts to 18,200 Billion Toman

The startup has started its online grocery shopping in Tehran and it’s expanding to other cities in the upcoming months. Tehran grocery market is nearly 18,250 billion Toman. This amounts to 4,345 million dollars based on Central Bank of Iran’s dollar rate which is 4,200 Toman for each dollar. The rate of the dollar in the free market is around 15,000 Toman per Dollar as of now which translates to a market size of 1,216 million dollars only in Tehran. However, keep in mind that there is another source for the dollar rate. In August 2018, the new foreign exchange trading platform locally known as “NIMA” started to operate. The rates of NIMA platform is in between of the free market rate and Central Bank of Iran’s rate. All of these different dollar rates and fluctuation of Rial are caused by the US sanctions in the past year.

Picking the Best Grocery Stores in Each Neighborhood

Each grocery store has built upon the needs and demography of each neighborhood. SnappFood acquires grocery stores based on each neighborhood and different KPIs to make sure that the customers get the best products and services from the stores. According to SnappFood these KPIs includes brand reputation, store size, availability and good quality control to name a few. 

10,000 Unique Products

Grocery stores have an average number of 10,000 unique products in a variety of categories. Each grocery store has an average number of 2,000 different products. SnappFood has grouped all of these goods into categories such as cosmetics, canned food, dairy and ice cream, fresh fruits and vegetables, and so on. Features such as filters, search and sorting, would also help the customer to find the products that they are searching for.

Delivery Time: Under 30 Minutes With 1,000 Couriers

How does SnappFood handle order processing? How should the order be delivered to the customer within an acceptable time? A large number of couriers have been hired to address the demand. However, the management of these couriers is another essential part of providing fast delivery time. SnappFood has hired more than 1,000 couriers and it had designed a point-to-point delivery system, reaching to a delivery time below 30 minutes according SnappFood.

The Same Price as the Grocery Stores, Plus Discounts

In SnappFood’s online grocery service, all the items are sold at their own price and no additional charges are received from the customer. 

A number of grocery stores offer their products at a discount rate on specific dates. By purchasing products from these grocery stores, the customer would receive more profit on the order. Grocery stores with a discount rate can be accessed with filters. Plus there is a percentage mark on the grocery stores and discounted goods.

Shipping and Warranty

There are products that have limited expiration dates or have special shipping conditions such as eggs, dairy products and frozen goods. SnappFood takes the responsibility of delivering these products safe and sound with the same-day best-by date time.

You can download SnappFood app from here.

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