Video: Mike Butcher and Dave McClure Want to Visit Iran

Everyone is interested in Iran right now, but the concept that they have about the country might be wrong. I had the chance to ask Dave McClure and Mike Butcher’s opinion about Iran. What they are saying in this video is just a glimpse of an iceberg because many are waiting to see what Iran’s startup ecosystem is going to offer in the next couple of years.

Video: Startup Camp Event

Startup Camp is a local educational event in Iran, very similar to Startup Weekend. The aim of the program is to teach the attendees about the basics of running a business, developing their ideas and implementing them into real-world products.

Video: Meet the People of Tehran Through Shared Studios Portals

Shared Studios portals are containers which let people in different cities of the world get to virtually meet each other and have a live conversation as if they are standing in one room. Aparat, the Iranian video sharing platform has partnered up with Shared Studios and has opened up a portal in Tehran.

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