Tehran is the city of 13.2 million people, with more than 18 million trips per day. This is why Tehran could become a heaven for international ride-hailing apps.


About Tehran

Tehran is a big city with more than 13.2 million permanent residents. There is no official news regarding the people who commute to Tehran from neighboring cities for work or other reasons on a daily basis. However, adding that number to the permanent residents of Tehran would be significant. Some even might say around 18 million people live in Tehran.

Tehran has a capacity of 750 thousand cars but the reality is that there are over 4 million cars in this city and nearly 20 to 25 percents of neighboring cities’ cars would commute to Tehran on daily basis. The number of cars from outside of Tehran is nearly 450 thousand cars. Therefore, the actual number of cars commuting in the city is around 4.5 million cars. This number doesn’t reflect the number of motorcycles which is nearly 3.5 million and the buses which is 7 thousand. The public transportation system accounts for nearly 60% of transportation in Tehran. The number of trips in the city is 18 million per day which is a big number.

In a nutshel Tehran has:

  • The capacity of 750 thousand cars
  • 4 million cars
  • 450 thousand cars from metropolitan area of Greater Tehran
  • 3.5 Million motorcycles
  • 18 million trips per day
  • 7 thousand buses
  • 60% of transportation is done by public transport


Nearly 8 million vehicles driving through the city

If we add up all the cars in Tehran we would reach to 4.45 million cars. With these statistics, you can guess why Tehran is important for ride-hailing apps. Adding the number of motorcycles to the number of cars we reach to 7.95 million vehicles.

With 18 million trips per day in Tehran, considering the 60 percent market share of public transportation system, we would have 7.2 million trips left for Taxi organization and ride-hailing apps (whether with cars or motorcycles). This is why in the past year, we witnessed the emergence of many small and big tech companies in this market. These players have shacked the position of Taxi Organization of Tehran with better services and way more better customer satisfaction.

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