A new plan for Iranian radio navigation system has been revealed. The system would use cell towers to pinpoint the user’s location which could help reduce road fatalities.


There is not a day that goes by without U.S. imposing more sanctions and trouble for Iran, even after the JCPOA deal. Only in the past month, Apple and Google have started to remove Iranian apps from their stores and it is not yet known how much further the U.S. government wants to go. That’s why the Iranian government is taking serious steps to counteract the U.S. government’s injustice actions toward Iran.

A national radio navigation system called “Naba”

A few months back, Deputy of Iran Space Agency (ISA) announced that they are planning to fund an Iranian satellite navigation system, which is similar to GPS (Global Positioning System). However, this is a space-based radio navigation system and it needs heavy funding and it would take a long time for this system to be ready. This is where the new radio navigation system comes in. According to Abolfazl Aboutorabi, the head of Homeland Security Committee of the Parliamentary Council, the design of the national radio navigation system called “Naba” (“نبأ” in Persian), in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense and Iran’s Law Enforcement Force have been started since a year ago.


Using cellular towers to pinpoint your location

This system is targeted for consumers use since it would be implemented using mobile networks’ cell towers. “70% of our car accidents in the country are due to driver’s negligence and it costs Treasury a lot of money each year. With this system we can monitor the speed of cars and lower the car accident rate,” said Aboutorabi.

According to Aboutorabi, installing this system on Iranian cars can have the following benefits:

  • The speed of cars can be calculated where the cell towers of Iranian mobile network operators such as MCI, Irancell and Rightel are available. Then this data would be transmitted to the traffic control center.
  • Using the system, the Police can pinpoint the stolen cars.
  • The system can be used to detect violations such as ignoring traffic signs.
  • If an vehicle gets in trouble on the road the rescue team will immediately be notified of the incident.
  • The system is way more trusted than the American GPS system in terms of national security.


4.8 billion dollars loss due to the car accidents

Furthermore, Aboutorabi stated that it’s anticipated that 40% to 50% of the car accidents would be reduced after the mandatory installation of the national radio navigation system. After launching the system, all the domestic ride-hailing apps including Snapp and Tap30 are required to use it. It’s worth noting that, the country’s total loss from car accidents, including financial and psychological damages, as well as legal costs is around 4.8 billion dollars (16 trillion Tomans) per year.

Today, the role of individuals in accidents is around 70%. Which is why the Homeland Security Committee of the Parliamentary Council of Iran concluded that instead of investing on cameras on the roads and other monitoring systems, the country should launch this system with the help of Defense Ministry and knowledge based companies. It’s estimated that the device would cost the end user around 90 dollars (300,000 Tomans).

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