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Hamidreza is a content manager at Harasp. He is also a student of English Literature and is fascinated by tech, e-commerce, fashion, linguistics and sports.
Iran Weekly Recap | Funding Local Satellites, 160% Rise in Mobile Imports, Selling Foreign SIM Cards Legally & More
This week, we covered establishing an instruction for selling foreign SIM cards in Iran, Iranian government funding local satellite manufactures, the impressive rise in Iran’s mobile phone imports and computer hardware market’s crisis in the country.
Rising Dilemma in Iran’s Computer Hardware Market
A recent survey among the managers of computer companies and the members of the Computer Trade Organization of Tehran Province shows that with a 50% price increase in the computer hardware market, the sales volume of these companies has declined by 40% and some even by 60% compared to last year.
Iran Weekly Recap | Removing Twitter Ban, Telegram Losing Views, MTN Stays & More
Every week we’ll be bringing you the highlights of Iran’s tech scene in the past week. This week, we covered Iran to remove the Twitter ban, Telegram losing its place, the growth of mobile internet and MTN staying in Iran.
MTN Is Not Leaving Iran - Photo Credit: pctechmag
After hearing the news that the South-African Telecom Company, MTN, was negotiating with Iranian authorities and especially the Central Bank of Iran to repatriate a massive amount of its money (300 million Euros), the continuance of this company’s presence in the Iranian market became rather a mystery. 
Iran Weekly Recap | Cooperation with WIPO, Trump Saving ZTE, No More Business on Telegram - Photo Credit: Ebrahim Noroozi/AP
Every week we’ll be bringing you the highlights of Iran’s tech scene in the past week. This week, we covered Iran and WIPO increasing cooperation, Trump’s conflict with the Congress over ZTE and Iran banning business activities on Telegram.
Smartphones in Iran - Credit: wel-com.fr
From MCI’s more than 50 million active users, 18 million do not have smartphones. Same for Irancell, which from more than its 30 million active users, 9 million lack a smartphone.
Price Growth of Electronics, Soroush Criticizing Country’s Infrastructure, President’s Confidential Letter & More
This week, we covered the price growth of electronics in the Iranian market, Jahromi’s response to Soroush messaging app, Rouhani’s confidential letter to Jahromi and the Central Bank’s unclear policies towards cryptocurrencies.
Controversies over Iran’s Central Bank Banning Cryptocurrencies
On April 22nd, the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) decided to limit and ban Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies across the country. They informed all the banks, financial institutions along with exchange centers not to use or trade these currencies. The CBI also warned them that from now on this act will be considered as a crime and will be acted upon if noticed.
Iran Weekly Recap | Growth of Gaming Industry, $50M Mobile Imports, MTN to Cash Out & More
This week, we covered the growth of Iranian Android games, total revenue of the mobile phone registry scheme, China’s official request to save ZTE and MTN’s efforts to repatriate its money from Iran.
MTN Negotiates to Bring out Its 300 Million Euros from Iran
The South-African Telecom Company, MTN, is attempting to transfer 300 million Euros out of Iran before Trump’s possible exit out of the Iranian nuclear deal. 

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