Every week we’ll be bringing you the highlights of Iran’s tech scene in the past week. This week, we covered establishing an instruction for selling foreign SIM cards in Iran, Iranian government funding local satellite manufactures, the impressive rise in Iran’s mobile phone imports and computer hardware market’s crisis in the country.


Instruction for Selling Foreign SIM Cards Established in Iran

The minister of ICT, Azari Jahromi, announced that the instruction for selling foreign SIM cards inside the country has been established.

According to Tasnim, Iran’s Communication Regulatory Authority and the Regulatory Commission have issued an instruction for selling foreign SIM cards in the country by the private sector. 

Jahromi also stated that until now during Arbaeen (Imam Hossein’s Martyrdom anniversary) and Haj (Annual Islamic Pilgrimage) days, since most cases are related to those days, foreign SIM cards were easily sold outside the observing framework in the country, but now this measure will organize this process.


Manufacturing Local Satellites to Be Funded 

The head of the Iranian Space Agency, Morteza Barari, announced this agency’s decent developments in manufacturing local satellite projects in the country and sufficient fundings for these projects in the coming year.

According to Tasnim, Barari introduced the matter of building local satellites as this agency’s top priority and stated that currently there are multiple satellite projects in universities and research facilities that are in progress, and they will hopefully be completed during this year.

In the end, Barari emphasized that some companies in this field have passed the research and development stage and entered a commercial phase. “The matter of commercializing these knowledge-based products is very important and we will fully support that”.

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A 160% Rise in Iran’s Mobile Phone Imports

After the “mobile phone registry scheme” (a scheme that results smuggled phones not to be activated and used by Iranian mobile operators) has been established in the country, a significant rise can be witnessed in the country’s official imports of mobile phones. 

According to Mehr News, the latest statistics of Iran’s Customs Administration in the first two months of this year shows that mobile imports have 1.61% of the country’s whole import value which is 109 million, 250 thousand and 146 USD. This is when this time last year, mobile phones had 0.61% of the country’s import value which was 41 million, 505 thousand and 731 USD. This shows a 163.23% rise compared to the previous year.

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Iran’s Computer Hardware Market Crisis

One of the worrying news in Iran’s ICT market in the recent months is the price rise of computer hardware by 50% and even more.

According to ITMEN, as a result of this price increase, computer hardware companies in the capital have witnessed a significant downfall in their sales. 

And now the Computer Trade Organization (NSR) has written a letter to the president’s office to help save this market before companies and jobs in this field are lost. For the full report, you can read the article below.

Rising Dilemma in Iran’s Computer Hardware Market

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