A recent survey among the managers of computer companies and the members of the Computer Trade Organization of Tehran Province shows that with a 50% price increase in the computer hardware market, the sales volume of these companies has declined by 40% and some even by 60% compared to last year.

According to ITMEN, Based on the survey, 38% of the participants have announced that their overall sales volume in the first two months of the year has declined by more than 60%. And for 21%, it was between 40-60%. Also 12% of these participants have declared their sales volume to have decreased between 20-40% and for another 15% of them it was 20%. This way, 86% of computer hardware companies along with the price increase experienced a much less revenue selling their products. This shows a great reduction in the demand for these products.

Experts say that these numbers are indicating a serious dilemma in the country’s ICT market. All of which agree on the cause of this dilemma being the new and unclear policies towards the matter of currency exchange and also the new trading rules and regulations. They also believe that this market drop could have catastrophic consequences such as these companies shutting down and as a result the unemployment of dozens of workers in this field. 

It seems that this dilemma is also referred to by the authorities as well. According to Tasnim, the Computer Trade Organization (NSR) wrote a letter to the president’s office demanding a resolution for the currency exchange issue to supply the country’s needs for ICT products. This letter acknowledged by the office, was then referred back to the head of the Central Bank and also the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade for the necessary assistance and follow up. 

This dilemma has been going on for some time now, and it has been addressed by many experts ever since the government’s policy towards the currencies has changed. But until now, having almost two months passed from the new policies and regulations, no immediate measures have been taken to save this market. 

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