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Chilivery Taking a Slice in Iran's Online Food Ordering Market

Chilivery Taking a Slice in Iran’s Online Food Ordering Market

Having your food delivered to your door has become easier than ever. In many markets, the demand for online food ordering has stepped up comparing to phone orders, and Iran is seeing the same shift. Chilivery, an Iranian online food ordering website is trying to bring a convenient and accessible solution to this demand.
Iran's Online Fashion Scene Gets More Competitive

Iran’s Online Fashion Scene Gets More Competitive

Some might think that Iran’s online shopping market is saturated, but more startups are popping up every day to fill the gap in specific sectors such as online apparel and fashion.
Harasp Luxury Fashion E-commerce Iran

Harasp Tapping Iran’s Luxury Fashion Market

Harasp an Iranian retail marketplace for fashion goods is trying to satisfy the appetite which Iranians have for luxury products that are now finding their way into the country.

Adro: Iran’s First Ad Exchange

Adro changes the Iranian online advertising landscape by becoming Iran’s first ad exchange. Iran’s ad tech scene started from almost nothing few years back, and local ad exchange means could be considered a metric of growth of this industry and the next big thing.

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