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Alireza Jozi
Co-Founder at TechRasa. Startup ecosystem enthusiast. Learner and world citizen. Based in Tehran and Vienna. Reached at Alireza@TechRasa.com
Taxi light tehran
Following many debates over the activities and operations of Iranian ride-hailing startups, the head of traffic police has made a warning to all drivers working in these platforms.
According to Bloomberg Technology, the internet retail giant Amazon may face penalties after disclosing that it “processed and delivered” to accounts between 2012 to 2016 that violates U.S. sanction laws against Iran.
Rasa Talks Episode 9 is out! The aim of Rasa Talks is to bring you the latest on Iran’s tech and startup news. Our two major topics for this episode are Telegram Marketing & Disruptive Innovations in Iran.
The Iranian government is creating more incentives for Iranian messaging apps and social media platforms. Non-Iranian messaging apps also get government support if they place servers in the country.
Mellat Bank’s Payment Service Provider (PSP) which is one of the 12 authorized PSPs in Iran is getting ready for an IPO. What do Iranian PSPs do? PSPs in Iran were formed to provide card and electronic payments in Iran. All of these PSPs were fully or partially owned by the...
Startup Jobs
It’s not far from imagination that a country with 80 million population and high market potential would create 100k jobs in a matter of few years.
The shutdown of outdated GSM based payment system USSD has been a hot topic among the Iran’s payment industry players for monthsIt seems that USSD is seeing its last days, though many PSPs (Payment Service Providers) are still earning millions daily and do not necessarily want to lose the massive revenue they are generating annually through this.
A unique program was held last night on Iran national television to discuss the conflicts happening around the rapid emergence of ride-hailing startups.
Fashion Tech
Fashion met with Technology in the first Startup Weekend Fashion event of Tehran. The event gathered around 98 participants to form 10 teams to build a fashion-tech business in 54 hours.
Iran Vice Minister of Economy introduced 8900 new services in business licenses. These services are in license requirements, license confirmations, certifications and credentials and more.

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