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President Rouhani Tries to Lift the Ban on Twitter, Improve Digital Economy and Make the Internet More Open
Last night President Rouhani stated that its government has been trying to lift the ban on Twitter and they have suffered to keep social media open.
Rouhani's Government Kept Its Promise to Protect Social Media Apps From a Permanent Ban
President Rouhani kept his promise to protect social media apps from a permanent ban. This happened while the decision for blocking Instagram and Telegram was made by Iran’s Supreme National Security Council and not by Rouhani’s administration itself. With the recent incidents in Iran, Telegram and Instagram got temporarily banned...
Infographic: What's the Best Time to Post on Social Media in Iran?
With the massive improvements of internet infrastructure in Iran, many people have this question that when is the best time to post on social media platforms. In today's infographic, you will find the best and worse times to post on 8 popular social media platforms based on Iranian users preference.
12 to 15 Million Smartphones Have Been Sold in Iran in the past Year
According to the new official statistics, 12 to 15 million smartphones have been sold in Iran in the past year. Most of these smartphones are illegally imported into the country.
UAE Established Artificial Intelligence Ministry
The UAE has established the very first Artificial Intelligence Ministry in the world. The appointed Minister is Omar Bin Sultan who's 27 years old.
Blue Whale Challenge Took the Lives of Two Iranian Girls
Blue Whale Challenge took the lives of two Iranian girls. The girls were 17 and 18 years old from Isfahan, one of the provinces of Iran.
Amazon has Banned 90% of Its Services to Iranians
Not only Apple and Google are banning their service to Iranians, Amazon has also banned 90% of its services to Iranians.
Maxim the Russian Ride-Hailing App Joins the Other 20 Players in the Iranian Market
Russian ride-hailing app Maxim is entering the Iranian market. Iran is considered a promising market for ride-hailing apps due to a large number of passengers and rides, with over 18 million rides per day only in Tehran.
Tehran the Heaven of Ride-Hailing Apps With More Than 18 Million Trips per Day
Tehran is the city of 13.2 million people, with more than 18 million trips per day. This is why Tehran could become a heaven for international ride-hailing apps.
Latest state of the 6 Local Iranian Satellites
The head of the Iranian Space Agency revealed the latest status of 6 local Iranian satellites with Doosti (means friendship) satellite scheduled for launch.

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