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Siemens Showcases Rail Technology to Strengthen Iran’s Transport Network
As Iran continues to prioritize the expansion and modernization of its rail infrastructure, Siemens will support the development of safe, efficient, reliable and digitalized rail networks showcased at the Iran Rail Expo 2017 in Tehran.
Zoodel Finance
Zoodel the leading B2B marketplace launches its international banking and financial services to facilitate payment transfers to/from Iran.
You might have heard of SHAPARAK, the Electronic Card Payment Network System in Iran, but what does this system do?
imam khomeini airport Airlines
International airlines such as Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways have been connected to the Shetab banking system. This means that Iranians can now book their flights directly from the airlines with Iranian debit cards.
Iran Elections
With half of the country under their 30s and massively improved mobile internet access, social media platforms and messaging apps can play an important role on Iran's upcoming presidential elections.
Have you ever wondered if it’s possible for American companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Google to make money from the people living in Iran? The answer is YES.
Telegram Voice Call Got Blocked by Court Order
Yesterday Telegram’s voice call feature got blocked by the Iranian court order. It’s not yet known why this order has been issued.
Telegram Voice Call Iran
Telegram finally activated its voice call feature in Iran. This feature might put an end to Telegram or keep it as the dominant messaging app in the country.
Nearly 8 years ago Twitter and Facebook got banned by the Iran’s government. But things have changed and now there is official news that Rouhani’s government is trying to remove the ban on Twitter.
messaging apps wispi Iran
Rumors about foreign messaging apps entering Iran’s market is receiving more attention on Iranian news outlets. This time it was Wispi’s turn to make the headlines.

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