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Startup Community Builder, Co-Founder & CEO at TechRasa. Email: Mohammadreza[at]TechRasa.com
Rasa Talks - Ep 2
In this episode we talk about: Step conference, robotics, Supercell contract with Cafe Bazaar, international payment services, transparency in Iran and freedom of information.
Crowdup brings a unique and colorful perspective to Turkish startup ecosystem on April 16th. Crowdup is a one full day technology and art combined startup conference held by mostly student volunteers and professionals.
Iranians without any international payment services (because of sanctions) or credit cards can use online premium services or even purchase an app online. How? We are going to answer that question in this post.
Cafe Bazaar
Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games in Iran with more than 5 Million installs only on Cafe Bazaar android market. Thanks to the new deal signed between Cafe Bazaar and Supercell, Iranians can now buy Gems in Rial from this Iranian android market.
online payment gateway
A number of online payment gateways got blocked in Iran recently without a prior notice from the government. Few of these companies claim that they don’t know of the reasoning behind the government’s decision but we might be able to shed some light on the matter.
Satellite Operator
Issuing license for the first satellite operator and launching it on the first quarter of the new Persian year is one of the priorities of Iran’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.
Iranian Cyber Police
There are only a few days left before the end of the current Persian year and chief of Iranian Cyber Police revealed the statistics on hack attacks targeting Iran. In the past year Iran has seen 70 thousand hack attacks.
Iran’s government is aiming to bring free of charge internet for its people. Apart from that, government officials are changing their point of view about internet censorship. They believe that the aim should be towards suitable content, instead of limiting people’s access.
Mobile internet
How much do you have to pay for mobile Internet in Iran? Is it based on the speed? or is it based on the data usage?
Doosti (Friendship) Satellite is ready for launch. Mohsen Bahrami, Head of Iranian Space Agency stated that with achievements that we had, we are now amongst the 15 countries that have the ability to design, build and launch satellites in the world.

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