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Startup Community Builder, Co-Founder & CEO at TechRasa. Email: Mohammadreza[at]TechRasa.com
Sarava’s European partner, Pomegranate, has successfully raised 60M euros of new capital from European investors and will be entering the Swedish stock market with an initial public offering (IPO) in the next 12 months.
Bamilo Ramtin Monazahian
There are many questions regarding the origin of Bamilo as if they are Iranian or German, is Rocket internet behind them or MTN, and many other questions. We tried to cover all of these questions in an interview with Ramtin Monazahian the CEO and founder of Bamilo.
Airbnb is almost operating in all the countries in the world except Iran and North Korea. Since the CEO, Brian Chesky, stated that they want to expand into Iran when the conditions permit, we are going to explore the challenges they might be facing entering Iran.
SUP, Azerbaijan's first startup accelerator is organizing its DEMO Day on May 14 for their first batch. In this event 4 SUP Accelerator startups + 5 most promising Azerbaijani startups would pitch their products. The event will not only provide a great insight into the local ecosystem but gives a good sense on how to expand to the region.
Iran South Korea
South Korea’s Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning has signed a wide-ranging partnership with its Iranian counterparts in science and ICT.
MTN One Billion Dollars
MTN, the South Africa-based multinational mobile telecommunications company stated this week that they would pull out at least one billion dollars of their money from Iran, in two months. During the sanctions, MTN’s money was being blocked in Iran.
1979 revolution black friday
1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday is an action-adventure video game about Iran's revolution in 1979. This game made a lot of noise in Iran since the Iranian government stated that the story is twisted and is not based on facts.
International payment
Director of Central Bank Payment System said that connecting to online international payment systems is our priority for the current new year. He added that 30% of the payment terminals in shops have the necessary capability to accept international payment systems.
Market Share
Android is the dominant mobile OS in Iran right now. But how's Android doing in the country in terms of users, OS versions, device brands,models and other key factors?
Tehran Taxi Organization
By the end of this spring, Tehran Taxi Organization will launch its Uber-like app. This would be the second online transportation app in Tehran.

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