By the end of this spring, Tehran Taxi Organization will launch its Uber-like app. This would be the second online transportation app in Tehran.

In an interview with ISNA, Meisam Mozafar CEO of Tehran Taxi Organization said that one of the programs for the current new year is to launch the call center which is an uber-like platform for Tehran’s taxi fleet. “We want to manage the Taxis and Commuters in a systematic and smart way in Tehran and its taxi fleet,” said Meisam Mozafar. ” In order to design Tehran’s Call Center, we had to study the apps and call centers of 7 different countries. We want to use technology to have a smart management system for the supply and demand in this sector”.

The study phase for the call center took one and half years. “At the end of the last Persian year, we’ve been able to launch the tender offer for the call center. We hope by the end of this spring, the call center would be up and running,” said Mozafar. The call center is actually an app that can be installed on the driver’s smartphone and on the embedded system that is installed on the driver’s car. Two type of taxis in Tehran will have this app installed on their devices:

1. Taxis that are driving around the city to find a passenger

2. Taxis that are working with specific call centers

Taxis and the passengers will be able to find each other easily with this app. Drivers can find the nearest passengers and passengers can see the taxi that they have ordered. Plus, taxi driver identity, plate number and the location of the taxi is accessible via the app for the passengers.

In the second phase, Tehran Taxi Organization will have its call center 24/7 open which people can call and order a taxi. Operators who are working in the call center will have the ability to see the taxis near the caller and send the nearest taxi to the passenger. “We are going to assign a four-digit phone number for the call center and we hope to revolutionize the industry with this project”.

Tehran Taxi Organization’s app is the second Uber-like app in Tehran after Snapp. Snapp is  one of the companies that has been funded by MTN (some might say Rocket Internet) in Iran.

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Amir Noureddini

It’s turning out to be a red ocean!

Mahan Hazrati

hah. hopefully iranian marketers found out that outdoor media’s are not efficient anymore. good for them and hope everything be online soon. to the infinity and beyond :))

Hamed R
I think they are far from being anywhere close to reaching the blue ocean… the idea to follow a successful business model and replicate it in another market is not new, I believe it is referred to as “reverse innovation”. To do this successfully the would require to follow Uber’s model and have the technological capabilities to sustain their competitive advantage through the service provided. In the case of Snapp, I don’t see them nearly as capable or adequate to run a service or a tech company such as Uber. This is not to put Snapp down and dismiss them… Read more »

Developing a taxi app like uber is becoming an essential part of the industry. Not only for rivalry but also for streamlining the operations.


Uber is a very popular taxi service provider app that has created fervor among the users of Taxi service. Other Taxi Business holders prefer Uber like Taxi app to serve the best to their passengers.

praveen itech

There are so many software developments companies provides an uber like taxi app


It’s great to see more and more competitions in this industry this could be good for the customers as it will open more options for the customers and more employment options for the public i believe with right innovation in this direction any startup can succeed i worked with a company to help me launch an app for my small business which turned out to be very beneficial for me if any one interested in entering into this industry you can check out this resource for help