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Even Our President Is More Social than You!

In a country where half of the most popular social media platforms are blocked to its people, seeing the dazzling statistics of Iranian users in such networks may seem shocking.

Money Talk: Avatech Graduates Raised 1.4 Million Dollars So Far

On Tuesday, August 18th, Avatech held a press conference, updating the media of its latest achievement and activities. “Application for cycle #3 of Avatech Accelerator will be open until September 20th”, said Mohsen Malayeri, CEO of Avatech.
Iran Startup

Why Is Now the Best Time to Invest in Startups in...

Many foreign investors are finding Iran’s market newly-opening to the world as the modern day gold rush. Many countries and companies have already sent delegates, days after the nuclear deal agreement in Vienna. Some call it the largest untouched emerging market with an economy of over 400B$.

Seedstars World Coming Back to Tehran

We are glad to announce that Seedstars World is coming back to Tehran with the partnership of TechRasa and Iran Entrepreneurship Association (IEA). The event is taking place on September 3rd, at Avatech startup accelerator.

Iran Entrepreneurship Association, Fueling the Ecosystem

What we're witnessing right now in Iran, is an Entrepreneurial renaissance. In every young startup community, the role of regional innovation centers for building a vibrant environment for entrepreneurs is vital. Iran Entrepreneurship Association is an NGO which is taking part in this role.

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