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Abrarvan Iran’s First Content Delivery Network

Arvan Cloud the first company in Iran that provides Content Delivery Network (CDN), Web Acceleration and Cloud Security officially launched its services. Arvan Cloud is backed by Fanap, the ICT holding company owned by Pasargad Financial Group.

Video: Mike Butcher and Dave McClure Want to Visit Iran

Everyone is interested in Iran right now, but the concept that they have about the country might be wrong. I had the chance to ask Dave McClure and Mike Butcher’s opinion about Iran. What they are saying in this video is just a glimpse of an iceberg because many are waiting to see what Iran’s startup ecosystem is going to offer in the next couple of years.

Share Your Moments with Lahzenegar

Lahzenegar is a live broadcasting service for smartphones. Users can register for a free account on the app and live stream their moments with others. Currently more than 200 events have been live streamed by Lahzenegar.
Google Traffic for Iran

Google Traffic Is Here But What Does It Mean For Iran?

A year ago Google removed the restriction for Google Play and nearly a month ago, Google opened its Google Traffic feature for Iran. Maybe these...

15 Challenges of Iran’s Startup Ecosystem

Every ecosystem has its unique challenges and unique advantages. Iran's startup ecosystem is no different. It is also impossible to find an entrepreneurial ecosystem...

Video: Startup Camp Event

Startup Camp is a local educational event in Iran, very similar to Startup Weekend. The aim of the program is to teach the attendees about the basics of running a business, developing their ideas and implementing them into real-world products.

Mana Payam Changing the Mindset of Iranian Companies

At the end of Global Marketing summit I had a chance to have a short interview with Arash Vafadari CEO of Mana Payam Public Relations, which co-organized the Global Marketing summit Conference with The P World. Apart from the background about Arash Vafadari and Mana Payam, We mainly discussed the challenges and values of organizing such an event in international level.

Iranian E-Commerce Players Compete for Yalda Campaign

This year Iranian e-commerce websites surprised their customers with some of the biggest promotional discounts for Yalda festival. The special offers started from a few days ago and will last at least until tomorrow.

E-Act Starts off Its Online Business Course

The very first e-ACT conference was held on December 17th at National Library Conference Center in Ghalam hall. Iran’s Consortium Of Online Businesses organized this conference as a kick-off of a 3 months program to educate enthusiasts about online business.
Navaak app

Meet Navaak the Iranian Music Streaming App

In the recent years the music industry got deeply intertwined with Internet and mobile apps. Navaak is an Iranian music streaming application like Spotify that is targeting the market inside Iran.

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