Video: Mike Butcher and Dave McClure Want to Visit Iran

Everyone is interested in Iran right now, but the concept that they have about the country might be wrong. I had the chance to ask Dave McClure and Mike Butcher’s opinion about Iran. What they are saying in this video is just a glimpse of an iceberg because many are waiting to see what Iran’s startup ecosystem is going to offer in the next couple of years.

Video: Iran Web & Mobile Festival

On February 22nd, the 8th annual Iran Web & Mobile Festival was held at the conference center of Iran's National Library in Tehran. TechRasa was at the event and interviewed a couple of the attendees. Watch the video and get a glimpse of this year's event.

Video: Pirate Summit Tehran

Pirate Summit Tehran was held on the second day of Finstars expo. Watch this video to get a glimpse of the event and see what some of the startup founders are saying about their work.

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