Video: Pirate Summit 2016 Germany

Pirate Summit is a startup conference which takes place every year in Cologne, Germany. The event is the largest invitation-only conference for early stage startups, investors and corporates and is know for being Europe’s craziest startup event. Over 1000 tech enthusiasts, 650 founders, 200 investors and 60 speakers from over 70 countries attended Pirate Summit in the 2016 event. This year TechRasa and Bamilo also joined the event as Iran’s ambassadors to showcase the achievements of Iranian entrepreneurs.
Video: Isfahan's Game Development Marathon

Video: Isfahan’s Game Development Marathon

Isfahan’s third annual Game Development Marathon was held from August 4th to 6th. This year, 13 teams of developers, designers and artists attended the event and showcased a demo of their games to the judges. Watch this video and see what the teams have to say about their games.

Video: Meet the People of Tehran Through Shared Studios Portals

Shared Studios portals are containers which let people in different cities of the world get to virtually meet each other and have a live conversation as if they are standing in one room. Aparat, the Iranian video sharing platform has partnered up with Shared Studios and has opened up a portal in Tehran.

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