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Hossein Sabzian
Hossein is a guest writer at TechRasa. Hossein Sabzian is a PhD student of technology management at University of Science and Technology in Iran. His major interests include ICT trends analysis, Platform-based business models' development for telecos, Strategic management, Fuzzy cognitive maps and Agent-based modeling.
Mental Models of Managers: An Example of Telecom Industry
A manager’s decisions are entirely shaped by the way he or she views the problems. These views or mental models can be divided into four types of periscopic mental models, microscopic mental model, telescopic mental model and kaleidoscopic mental model. In this writing, each of these mental models have been pursued in the telecommunications industry.
The Necessity of Platform Thinking for Iranian ICT Managers
ICT organizations in Iran, particularly telecom operators have started several investments but their business models have stood still and such condition has slowed their revenue generation. To solve this problem, ICT managers could rethink traditional business models and develop new ones based on platform thinking.

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