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Hamed is a startup community builder in Tehran. He is passionate in tech, entrepreneurship and innovation. You can reach him at Hamed[at]techrasa.com
Iran Stock Exchange: Current Startup Valuations Are Not Accepted - Photo Credit: YJC
While a number of leading tech companies in Iran have applied to be listed on the Fara Bourse (an over-the-counter market), the head of Iran's Stock Exchange has expressed his concerns by saying the current startup valuations are not accepted.
28M Gamers in Iran, INOTEX 2018, and Pars-1 Satellite - Photo Credit: Unsplash
Every week we’ll be bringing you the highlights of Iran’s tech scene in the past week. This week, we covered the latest report on the digital gaming scene in Iran, the INOTEX 2018 exhibition planned to be held this weekend, and the Pars-1 satellite ready for launch.
How Many Iranians Have Filed a Patent in the United States?
A report by Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) indicates that over one thousand Iranians have applied through this agency to file a patent in the United States.
Iran Weekly Recap | iPhone’s Share in Iran, Protests in the Mobile Market, and Telegram VPN
Every week we’ll be bringing you the highlights of Iran’s tech scene in the past week. This week, we covered iPhone’s market share in Iran, protest and strike in Iran’s mobile market, and Iranian versions of Telegram acting as a VPN service.
Iran Weekly Recap | Gambling Websites Get Shut Down, Recession in the Mobile Market & More
Every week we’ll be bringing you the highlights of Iran’s tech scene in the past week. This week, we covered gambling websites getting shut down, hardships ahead of software developers in Iran, and the recession in the country’s mobile market. 
Iran Weekly Recap | Google Maps Terminates IR domains, 32K Online Businesses & More
This week, we covered Google blocking IR domains from accessing its Map services, online businesses in Iran reaching to over 32k and the Government's budget increase after the implementation of the mobile registry scheme.
53 Million Mobile Internet Users in Iran Until March 2018
Latest statistics until March 2018 by Iran’s Ministry of Communications shows that mobile internet users in Iran have reached to 53 million. Previous statistics from June 2017 was 47 million users.
Iran's Deputy Attorney-General: Business Activity on Telegram Is a Crime
Despite Telegram being banned and blocked by the Iranian government, statistics show that users are coming back to this platform using VPN services to circumvent the block. Meanwhile, Iran’s Deputy Attorney General has asserted that any sort of business activity on Telegram is a crime. 
Telegram Banned in Iran
After many debates, Iran’s judiciary ultimately ordered the country’s ISPs and mobile network providers to block Telegram.
Iran Seeks to Block Telegram. Here's Why.
In the past weeks, Iranian authorities have warned users to migrate to local messaging apps as Telegram might soon get blocked in the country. While President Rouhani had mentioned that its government is against blocking internet services, it seems that they have reached to a point to actually take a different approach towards this app. 

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