A report by Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) indicates that over one thousand Iranians have applied through this agency to file a patent in the United States. 

According to ISNA and based on a report by Iran National Science Foundation (INSF), since 2007, 1075 Iranians have applied through this agency to file a patent application in USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). Of this number of applications, 327 cases (30.4%) were approved, 240 were filed and 67 were patented and 139 inventions were obtained. 

Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) is an Iranian government agency that supports fundamental research and education in the fields of science, engineering and medical science. 

Individuals and companies patent their innovations in different countries in order to use legal protections and benefits which that country offers. The United States is considered a popular destination for innovators, while almost half of its patents are registered by other countries. 

Currently, Japan, Korea, Germany and China are the top countries in terms of registered patents in the United States. In 2017, 11,241 patents were received by China, showing a 28% increase compared to the same period in 2016. The numbers indicate that the Chinese government has put its strategy in increasing its country’s innovations. It seems that China which was once considered just a manufacturer of products for other countries is now becoming a leading contributor to the global innovation. 

According to IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, In 2017 the USPTO issued a record number of 320,003 Utility Grant patents, showing a 5.2% increase over 2016’s record year. According to this agency, in 2017 US companies received 46% of these patents, while Asian and European companies received 31% and 15% respectively. 

IBM, Samsung, LG Electronics, Intel, Canon, Alphabet, Qualcomm, Toyota Motors, Microsoft and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing are considered the top 10 most innovative companies in the world with the most granted patents in last year. 

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