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Daryoosh is a guest writer at TechRasa. Daryoosh is an HR Consultant, Executive Coach and founder of HRStartup who loves People :)
Understanding Payroll in Iran
Understanding Payroll in Iran could be both simple and complex. Read this article to understand more about tax and payroll requirements in Iran.
How to Find Your Dream Job at a Startup?
Are you looking for your dream job at a startup? Here are a couple of advices which can help you in this process.
Business Culture and Etiquette in Iran
Understanding each country’s unique culture would be the major key to success in its local market. Here are some of the concepts which you should be aware of when visiting Iran.
9 Do's and Don'ts of Employee Onboarding for Your Startup
What do you know about employee onboarding? Here are 9 do’s and don’ts you have to know about employee onboarding for startups.
How Should Data Protection Be Considered in Employee Dismissal?
How much do you know about the importance of data protection in the dismissal and termination of employees in Iran? Read this article to find out more about this subject.
Expat Iran
Are you preparing to relocate to Iran for work? Or maybe you are already an expat in Iran and would like to get more familiar with working conditions in Iran. Read this article to find out the answers to your questions about moving to Iran for work as an expat.
Since the withdrawal of international sanctions against Iran, the Iranian economy is on the upswing again. The problem is that Iran has become an unknown territory for many Multinational companies during the sanction years.
Mission statement
The mission statement determines the overall goal and clarifies the paths to reach them. Indeed, the mission formulates the strategies and defines the reason of existence for the companies.
Recruitments of multinational companies in Iran could be a headache sometimes, but what are the best tips in this process?
startup culture
Building a culture in a startup company is very interesting. Basically, in most startups, the startup culture is influenced by founders.

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