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Alireza Jozi
Co-Founder at TechRasa. Startup ecosystem enthusiast. Learner and world citizen. Based in Tehran and Vienna. Reached at Alireza@TechRasa.com
The famous Iranian freelancing platform Ponisha just reached 100k users in it’s fourth years of activity. These users are both freelancers and employers.
Fintech Cookie
Vice minister of Ministry of Communications and Technology announced at the Iran Transaction Exhibition that a regulation structure will be in place for FinTech startup activities by next month.
Knowledge based companies at Pardis Techno park
The regulations on applying for knowledge based companies first showed up in Iran’s parliament in 2003, to promote the countries knowledge economy and the advancement of technology and science in the country.
MTN to Acquire 49% of Iranian Net
It seems that the long discussed issue with Iran’s so-called “Fourth Operator” is coming to a conclusion in finding a foreign investor.
The Iranian PSP Asan Pardakht (UP) has been in pursuit for an IPO for some time until it become the 500th Iranian company to go public in Tehran Stock Exchange just 2 days ago.
Cable Internet
A couple years of riding the merry-go-round is the best way to describe Iran’s national fiber optic project. Can the monopoly holder Iranian Net commence this infrastructure project or will other national and international companies take over?
Payment Service Provider
Though the regulators are far behind, Payment Service Providers (PSP) are testing and implementing NFC payments nationwide.
Adro - Time Square
The one year old Iranian Ad-exchange Adro has set a new record in Iran’s AdTech scene by reaching 50 Billion ad impression.
Pirate Summit 2016 Buffer
An entrepreneur’s mind is nothing like the ordinary, and Pirate Summit 2016 was the same.
Online Shops - Kashan Bazaar
It started by getting up early in the morning and heading to the super crowded bazar to purchase the items you needed. The difference now is that you go to a website or an app with a fast growing and highly trafficked audience.

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