The one year old Iranian Ad-exchange Adro has set a new record in Iran’s AdTech scene by reaching 50 Billion ad impression.

Iran’s AdTech scene was completely revolutionized since the arrival of its first ad exchange Adro. By connecting to almost all the major ad network players in Iran, Adro managed to increase Iran’s market cap in online advertisement. Currently 16 Iranian and international ad networks and ad exchanges are connected to the Iranian ad exchange. Being the only source for Iranian ad inventory, Adro is also the gateway for online agencies to advertise in Iran. Currently, 37% of Adro’s traffic goes to foreign advertisers that are targeting the Iranian market. This is the first time that international advertisers have gotten an opportunity to advertise in Iran. By launching its Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform, Adro is expected to further push Iran’s AdTech scene forward.

The fast growing AdTech startup has managed to reach 50 billion impressions on ads with an average growth of 25% per month in the number of impressions. The local advertising scene started to develop from the ground up and it reached to a point where an ad exchange was needed to further help advertisers and ad networks. This lack in the market has caused Adro to have this high growth in the number of impressions.


Iran has been isolated from the global online advertising landscape because of the international sanctions imposed on the country. This has given international advertisers and ad agencies a big red stop sign for advertising in Iran. The second benefit of this ad exchange which influenced the market greatly is that it has become the gateway for non-Iranian agencies and well-known brands to advertise in Iran. This has brought more advertisement requests to the sanctioned country.

50 billion impressions could be considered a small fraction of what the top international players are getting around the world. But for an ad exchange in Iran to reach this number in less than a year where the market is in its infancy stage, could be something worth talking about.

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