An entrepreneur’s mind is nothing like the ordinary, and Pirate Summit 2016 was the same.

Held in a famous scrapyard called Odonien on September 6th & 7th in Cologne Germany, Pirate Summit presented an event well received by international entrepreneurs and investors. The event had multiple stages which consisted of many programs such as keynotes, panels, startup pitches, Q&As and more.

Pirate Summit’s motto is Europe’s craziest tech conference. Once you sit and listen to a speech by co-founder of Buffer Leo Widrich, and a random investor or entrepreneurs flies on top of you with a zip line makes it clear how crazy this event is. The famous Burning Man is an annual tradition held by pirate summit where a 7 meter tall wooden statue is burned at the end of the first day of the conference. The event was also packed with parties and food worthy of pirates.

Pirate Summit 2016 Burning man
The “Burning Man” tradition

Pirate Summit’s pitch competition “Walk the plank”  had 70 startups pitching in the battle from all around the world. The competition was held within the two days of the conference. At the end of the day, Lean IX was the winner of this year’s startup competition

The event had over 1000 participants. 600 startup founders, 250 investors with some corporate executives and media were among the crowd. Companies form 79 countries attended this event among with 60 speakers.

TechRasa Bamilo Pirate Summit
TechRasa & Bamilo Booth at Pirate Summit 2016

TechRasa & Bamilo were representing Iran at Pirate Summit 2016. The panel “Building Global Startup Ecosystems” consisted of Co-founders and representatives from TechRasa, Bamilo, Startup Sesame, Amazon Web Services, Pirate Summit Global, HowToWeb and LAUNCHub.

TechRasa Panel Bamilo Pirate Summit 2016
The Building Global Ecosystem Panel

Pirate Summit 2017 will also be held on the same dates as the prior event next year.

Watch TechRasa’s video coverage of the event here.

Photo Credits: Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media

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