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Amir Hussain is an intern content creator at TechRasa. He is a learning enthusiast interested in creative thinking, innovation and tech startups.
24k E-Commerce Websites Are Operating in Iran
The fast growing number of internet users in Iran along with the changes in online payment methods have caused the emergence of a large number of e-commerce websites in the country. According to Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, currently there are 24,000 e-commerce websites operating in Iran.
Iran to Unblock YouTube and Blogger
For years, services such as YouTube, Facebook, Blogger and Twitter have been blocked in Iran. Recently there has been the talk of unblocking two of the most used services, Blogger and YouTube in universities.
Iran to Build Its Own Satellite Navigation System
Iran Space Agency (ISA) is planning to fund an Iranian satellite navigation system. ISA is also planning to set permanent space centers in northeastern and western parts of the country.
With TGC, Iran’s first international B2B video game convention on its way in July, the Iranian video game market is expected to experience a boost. However, the CEO of Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation believes that Iranian publishers will be left without a competitive advantage.
Tehran Game Convention TGC
The Iranian gaming industry is opening its doors to the outside world, and the country is welcoming foreign gaming companies to its first international game convention.
MTN Irancell
According to an order by Iran’s Ministry of ICT in 2006, Irancell had to go public with 21% of its total shares. Yet, years after the first announcement the IPO has not taken place.
Iranians Are Shopping Online More Than Ever
The fast improvements of the internet infrastructure along with the changes in online payment methods and the efficiency of online purchases are building up the rapid growth of Iran’s online shopping scene.
Fiber Optic Internet
Fiber optic is known globally as a more stable and efficient way of connecting to data platforms compared to conventional copper cables. And now Iran has finally launched its first phase of fiber optic Internet for Iranian households.
Last week one of the most important FinTech events was held in Tehran for the second year. This event gathered many of the FinTech startups in the country.
Samsung & Amirkabir University Launched Their Tech Center in Tehran
Samsung, the Korean electronic giant has joined Amir Kabir University of Technology and launched Samsung-AUT Tech center in Tehran.

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