The fast growing number of internet users in Iran along with the changes in online payment methods have caused the emergence of a large number of e-commerce websites in the country. According to Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, currently there are 24,000 e-commerce websites operating in Iran.

During a Meeting of a parliamentary fraction, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi the Deputy Minister stated that at the beginning of the eleventh government, Iran had 4 million ADSL and 300 thousand mobile internet users. Right now, there are 10 million ADSL users and 40 million mobile internet users in the country.

Iran’s current internet penetration statistics point out that the country has 42 million internet users, which is about 52% of the population. The Deputy Minister also added that the total bandwidth capacity of the network was 1116 Gbps while right now; it is about 12,000 Gbps. Moreover, the International internet bandwidth capacity was also increased to 1k gigabits per second from 80 Gbps; this is while the internet bandwidth capacity has increased to 7,000 Gbps while it was 625 Gbps at the beginning of the eleventh government. This immense internet infrastructure growth can be considered as one of the main reasons of the growth of E-commerce in Iran.

“Currently there are 24 thousand E-commerce websites operating in Iran,” according to Mohammad Javad Azari.

Two of the most famous e-commerce websites in Iran are Digikala and Bamilo. Digikala is well known for dominating the Iranian online market and is ranked third in Iran according to Alexa. The second best known online shop in the Iranian e-commerce scene is Bamilo. Despite the notable market gap between the two rivals, both companies are striving to attract customers.

According to Mohammad Javad Azari, the.IR domain holds 1% of the whole share of internet domains; and 5.1 % of the content available on the internet is in the Persian language. Iran currently holds the largest number of internet users in the region, which is quite expectable considering the number of 40 million active smartphones and 100 million sim-cards in Iran.

Azari Jahromi also mentioned that 18000 app development teams along with 3000 knowledge-based companies are currently operating in Iran.

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