Some of Google’s services such as Google Analytics and Google Developers have become accessible to users in Iran. While some are saying this might be temporarily, Google has yet not released an announcement about this matter.

On Saturday March 14, 2016 we found out some of Google’s services have once again become available in Iran. These services include Google Analytics, Google Developers and Android’s website for developers. These services became inaccessible to Iranian users in 2012 after the economic sanctions implemented by the United States on Iran.

This is not the first time these services have became accessible to Iranians since four years ago. Previously Google Analytics became available to users accessing the service with an Iranian IP for only a few hours. We are yet not sure if this time the services will be accessible permanently or not.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service which provides user insights and web traffic reports. It’s a freemium service which is also integrated with some of the other Google services such as Adwords. Google Developers another website that is now accessible in Iran, is a website which provides software development tools, APIs and a variety of products for developers.

Although the is now accessible from inside Iran, users are still not able to download Android Studio and Android SDK. When we tried to download these softwares we encountered the following message: “This product is not available in your country. Thanks for your interest, but the product that you’re trying to download is not available in your country.”

Just over a year ago, Google removed the restrictions on Google Play for Iranians and a couple of months after this internet giant added the traffic data for Google maps in Iran. Before when services such Google Play, Google Analytics and Google Developers were blocked, Iranians found ways to circumvent the ban by using VPN services to access such services.

Iran is still mentioned on the “Countries or regions with restricted access” page on Google. “Google restricts access to some of its business services in certain countries or regions, such as China, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.”

Last year Iran’s Minister of Communications, Nasrollah Jahangard stated that the country is ready to hold negotiations with international web giant to provide services to Iranians. “We are ready to provide Google or any other company with Iran’s possibilities and facilities for service providing to the region,” said the Iranian Minister last year in March, as RT quoted.

As Iranians are slowly feeling the changes occurring after the lifting of the sanctions, many are holding back for the day when the country would finally get connected to the international payment systems. If Google fully removes its restrictions, Iranians could benefit from services such as Google Adsense and Adwords.

UPDATE: Google Analytics once again became inaccessible to users inside Iran.

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