officially kicked off in a launch event on Thursday January 28th 2016, making it Iran’s first push notification system. Befrest wants to provide a better solution for the user’s push notification needs compared to Apple ANS, Google GCM or Pushy. The meaning of the farsi word “Befrest” means “send”, which gives an idea of what the startup does which is sending push notification to users.

By having its servers and hardware in Iran, Befrest will provide more reliability and faster response time to their users, giving them the higher advantage for those in need of this service in Iran. Because of many factors such as: slow response to servers outside of Iran, Internal sensorship of content and sanctioned services, using push notification services from outside won’t be the best possible solution. Befrest also throws in another number to spice up the competition by announcing a push notification payload (maximum notification length) of 32Kb. This number outruns Apple APN’s 2kb and Google GCM’s 4kb. Befrest also has an advanced analytic dashboard to get a sense of your progress and to see how much user engagement has been done. Analytic dashboards are not common among push notification systems and third party startups.

Befrest is providing the service for free for up to 5000 users and 1 million notifications. The pricing plan is also much cheaper and affordable comparing to its foreign competitors, giving Iranian users more reason to use this service. It’s also clear that due to the fact that Iranian’s don’t have access to credit cards (kind of) and Paypal, the local payment option provided by makes it one of the only options Iranian have in order to get push notification services in high numbers. Befrest will become one of the best options for Iranian apps that need push notification sent to high number of users in the fastest and most reliable way in order to get the best results.

At launch event

This startup is another good example of a localized need, tailored to the local need. Many Iranian startups like Befrest have also taken advantage of the current situation. A situation where international payment methods are blocked, providing a local payment solution opens big doors. Server delays is another issue, which become a huge obstacle in time sensitive cases, such as push notification systems like Befrest.


Some companies and startups that required a localized version of this service attended the launch event in order to get a closer look of the product, and the value it had to offer. The founding team pitched the product and explained how to use the service. The team also explained the technology behind the service and how the mechanism works.

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