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Startup Community Builder, Co-Founder & CEO at TechRasa. Email: Mohammadreza[at]TechRasa.com
MTN Repatriated 893 Million Euros From Irancell
Since the lifting of the sanctions, MTN has repatriated around 893 million euros of its money from Iran. The company is also investing heavily in Iran’s telecom infrastructure.
Iran's Next ICT Minister Could Be the Youngest Cabinet Member Ever
Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, a 35-year-old engineer, could be Iran's youngest cabinet member as the ICT Minister in Rouhani's new government. 
How Instagram Is Doing Experiment on You
If you are an Instagram user, you have probably noticed the way that Instagram sorts the user stories and the viewers of your story. But how does this affect your personal life?
tumblr Iran
People use Tumblr for simplicity and diversity. It's easy to use and it allows anyone to start a visually appealing blog. In this post, we are going to dig deep on Tumblr’s user behavior in Iran.
How to Build a 10 Million Dollar Ad Network From Scratch?
Building a 10 million dollar company is hard, but how can you build a 10 million dollar ad network with only 2 thousand dollars of cash? Read the article to find out more about Clickyab an Iranian Ad Network with a story which inspires every entrepreneur.
Pavel durov
Yesterday, Iran's Deputy Minister of ICT announced that Telegram has finally agreed to move its servers to Iran but a few hours later the minister of ICT and Pavel Durov in his Telegram channel rejected this claim.
There are 48 Million Smartphones in Iran
Forget about PCs, laptops and tablets because there are 48 million smartphones in Iran and this number is increasing each day.
It's Official: Iran Has More Than 47 Million Social Media Users
Finally, we got an official news regarding the social media users in Iran. Currently there are 47 million social media users in Iran and it's counting.
2000 Attendees Will Gather for Iran's Biggest Game Convention This Thursday
With 2000 registrations for attendance at Iran’s first video game industry trade event, Tehran Game Convention is set to become the biggest gathering of game developers in the MENA region.
Telegram Might Be Blocked by Russian Government
Russia's communications regulator, Roskomnadzor, has threatened to block Telegram unless it provides information regarding the company which controls the messaging app.

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