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2000 Attendees Will Gather for Iran's Biggest Game Convention This Thursday
With 2000 registrations for attendance at Iran’s first video game industry trade event, Tehran Game Convention is set to become the biggest gathering of game developers in the MENA region.
Telegram Might Be Blocked by Russian Government
Russia's communications regulator, Roskomnadzor, has threatened to block Telegram unless it provides information regarding the company which controls the messaging app.
Infographic Instagram Usage Statistics in Iran
Instagram is the most popular social media platform in Iran with probably more than 20M users. In this post, we are going to shed light on Instagram’s user behavior in Iran.
Infographic: Google Plus Usage Statistics in Iran
Nowadays, social media platforms have become a big part in the lives of Iranians. In today’s infographic, we are going to shed light on how Iranians use Google Plus.
Did You Know That There Are 415M Active Bank Cards in Iran
Did you know that there are 415M bank cards in Iran? This number is high above the average annual issued bank cards per person in the world.
Iranian Search Engines Process 700K Search Queries
Iranian search engines process more than 700K search queries and 200K Q&A per day. That's a small number comparing to 4.5B searches per day over Google, but we can say it's a good start.
SHETAB Card-Based Transactions Iran
Are you wondering about the banking system which is taking care of card-based transactions in Iran? Read this article to find out more about SHETAB payment system in Iran.
Turkcell's $4.2 Billion Lawsuit Against MTN Group
Turkcell, the biggest Turkish mobile network operator, has taken its $4.2 billion lawsuit against MTN Group to the South African court.
Iran's Payment System Is Connecting to the World One Country at a Time
Iran's payment system is connecting to the world one country at a time. Russia, Oman, Azerbaijan, Turkey, China, Japan and Iraq are among the countries which are in the process of connecting to the Iranian payment system, SHETAB.
Siemens Showcases Rail Technology to Strengthen Iran’s Transport Network
As Iran continues to prioritize the expansion and modernization of its rail infrastructure, Siemens will support the development of safe, efficient, reliable and digitalized rail networks showcased at the Iran Rail Expo 2017 in Tehran.

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