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Kamyar is a guest writer at TechRasa. He's a business researcher and startup enthusiast.
The Biggest Barriers to Success for Iranian Startups
Startups are growing and increasing their impact on the economy ever so fast. In this article we will present barriers that Iranian startups face on their path towards success.
An analysis of ICT development in Iran
A recently published report by the ICT Ministry of Iran has analyzed Iran’s status in ICT development. In this article we present and analyze the main findings of the report.
In the two previous articles on the UNCTAD report on Iran’s standing in science, technology and innovation we summarized the main findings of the report regarding Iran’s human resource base and infrastructure. In the final article we will present a general image of Iran’s STI landscape and discuss actions which Iran can take to further accelerate the transition.
Iran Swiftly Moving Towards a Knowledge-Based Economy – Part 2
In the first part of our article on the UNCTAD report on Iran, we mentioned that on the path towards a knowledge-based economy Iran has developed a strong educated human resource base. In this part we will illustrate other aspects of the progress which Iran has made towards achieving this goal.
Iran Swiftly Moving Towards a Knowledge-Based Economy - Part 1
A report recently published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) revealed that Iran has made significant progress towards a knowledge-based economy, powered by science and innovation. However, the report indicates that certain measures should be taken to fully harness the potential of the country.
Telecommunication Company of Iran to Launch a Startup Accelerator
The Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI) announced its plans to initiate its own startup accelerator. An estimated 40 accelerators are now actively engaged in the startup scene of Iran.

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