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Hashem Roshanaie
I started as a Computer Software engineer in late 2001 in a carpet company but very soon found that I was a better fit for outbound sales and global trading for their products. I founded three trading companies from 2003 to 2009 in Iran, Malaysia and the United States and my major position has been market research, trending studies, small business development, and risk management proposals. I'm an ISO coordinator, Trading and Market expanding specialist, and maybe a writer :)
What Are the Startup’s Vulnerabilities Leading Them to Failure?
What leads startups to failure? Hassle, fluctuations, or even raising funds?! Read the article to find out.
8 Startup Myths and Facts You Need to Know About
There are a lot of myths about startups which can impact a business proposal to many extends and eventually hold back the entrepreneur from reaching their goals. Here are 8 myths you need to prepare yourself for.

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