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Daryoush Shabahang
Daryoush is a guest writer at TechRasa. He is an e-commerce specialist currently living in Toronto, Canada. He has founded an indie video game company and is an entrepreneur passionate about bringing new and exciting ideas to Iranian startups.
How Can Social Media Help Your Startup?
Does your startup really need social media? Yes, it does! This article argues why a social media presence can help your startup in multiple ways to give it the boost it needs and how you can significantly capitalize on this.
The Imperative 10-Step Checklist to Launching A Website
Take a look at this 10-step checklist and make sure you have completed everything, or it may lead to serious issues down the road. This will ensure your launch is as smooth as butter!
Instagram Shows a Glimpse of the Future of E-Commerce
There is an increase in social media channels aiming to make mobile shopping easier. Recently, Facebook introduced the ability to sell directly on a page by using Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform, and now Instagram Shopping will soon allow consumers to shop for products directly in the app.

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