The head of the Azad University of Qazvin branch, Morteza Mousakhani, announced that a knowledge-based company working with the university has received the license to release 400 two seater electric vehicles into the market.

He added that these cars are planned to enter the market in five stages and the university has received the full financial support of government and private companies, and at the moment it is seeking for technology partners and component suppliers to assist in its development.

Iran’s first electric vehicles are named Youz and Avita. The manufacturer team of Youz are a number of students from the Azad University of Qazvin branch which started their company, PARAX Motors, in 2008 and won the first place in the national championship for three consecutive years for automotive design.

“This automobile takes up three times less road space than ordinary cars. Therefore, it can be considered great to solve traffic woes,” said Moheb Jazemi, PARAX Electric Vehicles team member.

According to Press TV, It takes the vehicle only 3 hours to be fully charged with no worries for the next 100 km. It’s 120 centimeters high and 2 meters long.

“This car travels at a maximum speed of 80 km/h which is the standard speed for electric and city cars. In this case, automotive aerodynamics is not a significant factor since it only affects speed above 120 km/h. Therefore, we mostly focused on a two-passenger design that would take up the least space,” said Farzad Naghibzadeh, another team member of PARAX Electric Vehicles.

Previously Renault had developed an open-source automotive platform for a compact and lightweight electric vehicle, based on its existing Twizy EV, which the Iranian model, Youz, is very similar to.

The makers of this Iranian two seater electric car have said that they have built their product inspired by the French model and have used Twizy EV’s hardware system as an open-source platform.

In January 2017, when the car was in the development stage, President Rouhani himself tested the car. During the test he emphasized the need to pay more attention to improve the quality and safety of the car along with a good and qualitative assessment of the manufacturers’ efforts.

According to previous announcements from 2016, the price range for the Youz electric car is estimated to be about 150 million IRR.

For now we have to see how these two electric cars can influence the market and perhaps become a solution in congested cities in the country such as Tehran.

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thanks for your good article, iran is in begining of very long road.