According to a recent report provided by Shaparak Payment Portal, citizens of Tehran province use online and mobile payment gateways much more than other provinces of Iran. It seems that Tehranis are by far more tech-friendly when it comes to payment and transactions.

Shaparak, the main online payment portal in Iran has released a report of the transactions in Iran up until the second month of the current Persian year (1395). There are 4.5 million active payment gateways in Iran and almost 1 million or 22% of them are in Tehran province according to this report. Shaparak’s statistics indicate that while 8% of the transactions in Tehran are done over internet gateways and 34% over mobile gateways, the share of mobile gateways in other provinces of Iran is almost zero and for internet gateways, it’s less than one percent.

According to the statistics provided by Shaparak, 940 million transactions were taken place all over the country on mobile, internet and PoS gateways in the second month of the current Persian year. Of these transactions, 36% were in Tehran and 64 percent were done in other provinces of Iran. From the 324 million transactions conducted in Tehran Province (excluding account balance check on sale gateways), 58% of the transactions were done on sale gateways, 8% on the Internet and 34% on mobile gateways. This is while in other provinces of the country, 99% of the transactions are done over the sale gateways.

The debit card penetration in Iran is estimated to be 92% while only 3% of all the transactions are done over the internet. Reportedly the online portals and PoS gateways take a 97% share in the total transactions within the country.

It seems that there are significant differences between Tehran and other provinces of Iran when it comes to using payment gateways. Tehran is by far more advanced and tech-friendly in using newer payment technologies and this has resulted in an imbalance in payment system usage in the provinces of Iran. Better access to facilities, higher education and an ever-evolving tech landscape in Tehran might be some of the reasons behind this imbalance.

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