Iran’s Ministry of Communications and Technology has released new statistics on the 10 provinces with the highest mobile penetration rate in the country.
According to Tasnim news, this is the updated Q3 2016 statistics with province differentiation. Statistics also show market shares of different mobile operating networks in different provinces. Hamrah-e Aval, Iran’s first mobile operator is still the market leader with 57% of all subscribers in Tehran alone. Mobile penetration rates in top 10 provinces are all above 100% which indicates parts of the population have more than one active phone (sim cards). After Hamrah-e Aval, MTN Irancell holds the most market share with a huge gap with Rightel.
According to latest statistics, 28 million mobile internet users exist in the country. 2 years ago around a few million were among mobile internet users and since then, 20 million new users have been added to this number. Around 40 million smartphones exist in the country which indicates that there are more than 10 million smartphone users which have not yet subscribed for mobile internet. Both mobile internet and smartphone user rates are seeing massive monthly growth, which is helping Iran’s digital and startup landscape as well.
In the infographic bellow, top 10 Iranian provinces in terms of penetration rate have been shown. Numbers on each province indicate the mobile penetration rate, population and mobile network subscribers.
Mobile Penetration Rate in Iran

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i love the articles like this. so technical and very helpful also this picture is totally unrelated to this post but just wanted to demonstrate that how much even companies outside of iran lacking the security. i just took this picture a while ago when i attempted to my ATM to withdraw some money. not only this ATM. most of the ATM’s in the city(Bangkok/Thailand) are like this. an ATM machine with all the networking devices, easy to touch by a hacker and ready to setup the backdoor. or atleast sniff the transactions. atleast i never saw something like this… Read more »