5th anniversary of the annual Pioneers festival will be held on May 24-25 in Vienna Austria. Once again Pioneers Festival is bringing brightest tech innovators, startups and investors from all corners of the world to the 500 year old imperial place of Hofburg in the heart of the Austrian capital. Pioneers is one of the most prestiges events for startups and future technologies in Europe and in the world.

Bright names are attending the event including Wikipedia founder Jimmy wales, famous venture capitalist Tim Draper, and billionaire Manoj Bhargava.

Like the events held before, we are also going to see some new technologies being debuted at the conference next week. Siri co-creator which was also a speaker at Pioneers Festival in 2012 will unveil Viv, the revolutionary artificial intelligence for the first time in Europe. Meta, a game changing AR glass will also be unveiled taking Augmented Reality one step forward.

The main event will be held on May 24th & 25th with a “Mentor day” on the 22nd and the “Challenge Day” on the 23rd. On the mentor day the 70 teams (narrowed from 500) finalize their pitch training for the challenge day where they will pitch in front of investors. On the Challenge Day startups are narrowed down to only 14 teams which 7 will be selected for the festival day to compete at the main event in front of the 2500 participants.

This year around 500 international startups alongside 300 investors were invited to this year’s Pioneers Festival to showcase themselves and mingle. This year Pioneers Festival has taken a new act, in order to further improve the quality and value of the event, participants had to apply in order to attend. 2500 participants have been selected from about 100 countries around the world to join the event. Like the years before Pioneers plans to showcase the future of technology and startups and it has successfully created a place for tech innovators, founders and investors to network.

Founders of Pioneers Andreas Tschas and Jürgen Furian explain the vision as such “We create a world where tech innovators have the network to succeed”. Lately Pioneers Festival has launched Pioneers Ventures which will further help innovative startups in their financial need getting one step closer to the mission of Pioneers to inspire, empower and connect tech pioneers to create a prosperous future.

TechRasa is proud to be a media partner of Pioneers festival. Stay tuned as we will bring you live tweet coverage of the event and also full coverage report after the event. For those of you not attending you can also watch the live steam of the event on the Pioneers website.

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