In Jan 11th a press event was held in Tehran to introduce PendAR+ , Iran’s first Augmented Reality browser.

PendAR+ is an app from PendAR Augmented Reality solutions, the company behind Angry Birds AR and is intended to act as a hub to every AR experience in Iran.

Mojtaba Tabatabaie
Mojtaba Tabatabaie at the press conference

Mojtaba Tabatabaie CEO of PendAR told the press during the event: “The main purpose of PendAR+ is to act as a hub to all augmented reality experiences in Iran and is intended to remove obstacles and allows anyone to produce and use Augmented Reality in their daily life. With our Augmented Reality browser, the creators of AR content will have a much better experience as the cost is very cheap and also fast (in matters of minutes) comparing to previous methods. Users won’t have to download an app for an AR experience and can use our solution to have the benefits of augmented reality.”

There will be no need for third-party developers and thus the cost will be much lower. Large and small businesses can create AR content with PendAR+ dedicated Content Management System(CMS) which allows anyone with basic computer information to create these experiences.

The app has 4 main features:

PendAR Eye: With this feature users have access to millions of Marker based ARs at their hand. In a marker-based AR application the images -or the corresponding image descriptors- are provided beforehand. In this method when you scan the defined objects, you can have digital contents right in front of their eyes.

PendAR City: This feature allows users to have location based augmented reality which means they can point their camera in every direction and get information about the location that they are pointing at in real time on their cellphones.

Matlab+: This feature allows users to access the augmented reality content of more than 100 subscribed magazines on the system.

AR Stickers:  This is a fun use of Augmented Reality browser and it lets users to take photos with their favorite celebrities (such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Batman …)

There are thousands of uses for this app, this infographic points out some of them:


And some videos from PendAR+, check them out:


South Pars 12 AR:


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