Puzzly is an Iranian DIY(do it yourself) mobile app builder which lets users build their own customized app within a few minutes.

It’s no doubt that mobile apps are taking over the market and will consume most of the internet traffic in the near future. New businesses in different sectors have adopted this change and have built their own mobile apps. But developing mobile applications is time consuming, needs quite a lot of knowledge and could be costly. Puzzly has taken care of the hard work and lets its users to build mobile apps with a couple of clicks.

Puzzly’s team of founders are from Khorasan. They moved to Tehran a couple of months ago to pursue their dream and build their own business. “There were a couple of platforms which helped users make their websites online and easily,  but there weren’t any of such for application design,” says the team behind Puzzly when asked what initiated this startup.

There’s no coding needed to develop your app using Puzzly’s platform and everything is done over the web. Users are able to make content-based applications in different categories, add their RSS feed, repost their content from their WordPress website, add maps and contact forms with just a few clicks. To test the features of the platform, you can try the service for free.

Screenshot from Puzzly's platform
Screenshot from Puzzly’s platform


Up until now over 5,200 apps have been developed by over 6,000 users which have been attracted to the platform. Currently many aspects of the app development such as the template design are done by the team behind Puzzly but with the new features being adding to the platform, users will be able to take over the whole process.

Puzzly’s competitive advantage compared to its foreign counterparts is that the platform is specifically designed for the Persian speaking community. Unlike the foreign platforms, users won’t face any problems with the right-to-left alignments. The team is planning to unveil its English and Arabic version at Gitex 2016 event in Dubai.

“Mobile phones are now accompanying us everywhere and living without them has become unimaginable for us,” said Hamidreza Ghaderi, one of the co-founders of Puzzly.“In Iran, the mobile penetration rate is 130% and mobile phones have become the biggest and most influential platform in the country,” continued Ghaderi.

When we asked the team if they had any plans to expand their market in the region, they said given the many similarities with the language, geographical access and the absence of competitors we are planning to enter the Middle Eastern and Arab countries in the future.

We hope to see Puzzly with its new features and updates in the upcoming months.

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nima farhadi
nima farhadi

yes,It’s great,i check puzzley website : http://www.Puzzley.ir

Ali Sa
Ali Sa

Hey dude, So what about http://appchar.com ??