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Iman Barazandeh
Iman is a guest writer at TechRasa. He's an entrepreneur, researcher and lecturer. He currently serves as Founder and CEO of contentup.ir, a content marketplace helping businesses to find high quality and affordable contents.
The Google Way: All You Need on Managing Marketing Teams to Be More Effective
What is a high effective and productive Marketing team? This article expands team dynamics underscored in Google findings on managing a marketing team.
How to work smarter and be more productive? What TEDsters think
TED talks are a valuable source of inspiration for every aspect of life. You can always refer to these short talks especially when you need practical advice and ideas to upgrade something in your personal and work life. TEDsters are the ones who you can trust their unconventional and innovational ways of thinking and practicing.
5 Essential Skills To Get The Most Out Of Your Productivity Tools
Let’s check out the five essential skills that help you get the most out of your favorite productivity tools and keep yourself and your business on track.

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