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Alireza Jozi
Co-Founder at TechRasa. Startup ecosystem enthusiast. Learner and world citizen. Based in Tehran and Vienna. Reached at Alireza@TechRasa.com
Khedmate Sarbazi
Today marks the 100th anniversary of Iran’s compulsory military service (Khedmate Sarbazi). One of the greatest challenges Iranian entrepreneurs face on the road to build their startups is the 2 year mandatory military service for men. The 24 month military service makes Iran in the list of countries that still...
Launching an e-commerce website was the thing back in the 2000s, then came tools and services that helped you launch one, easier than ever. However in every young startup scene that is just taking off, it’s the e-commerce that booms its way around.
Azadi Tower
In 2015, Iran’s startup ecosystem was at the peak of its “E-commerce Boom”, and a massive amount of web and mobile startups emerged in this year. It is safe to say that Iran had one of the most fastest growing startup ecosystems in the region. In 2016 we will see more...
Iranian Payment
A country under international sanctions means many things. All connections to the outside world is limited, and that includes banks and financial institutes.
Every ecosystem has its unique challenges and unique advantages. Iran's startup ecosystem is no different. It is also impossible to find an entrepreneurial ecosystem that does not have unique challenges. By identifying the key challenges of a startup ecosystem, ecosystem stakeholders, entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, universities and startup community...
BDL Accelerate 2015
On December 11th 2015, the second BDL Accelerate with the theme of “Emerging Startup Ecosystems” was held in Beirut with more than 7000 participants from all around the world. BDL Accelerate is an annual event organized by the central bank of Lebanon to boost and promote the Lebanese startup...
The 21st International Exhibition of Electronics, Computer and E-commerce (ELECOMP) took off with an opening ceremony on December 14, 2015. ELECOMP is the biggest and greatest commercial event in Iran’s tech market. What is ELECOMP? ELECOMP provides a unique opportunity for tech companies to expose their new products and services. Looking at...
Iran's fast growing startup ecosystem meets its first angel group called AvaAngels. Like every other emerging market, young startup ecosystems witness number of seed-stage startups and teams that are trying to get seed and growth capital. Facing the natural challenges every startup faces, smart money and fund at the...
Iran’s first banking solution provider Tosan held the first fintech hackathon on payment solutions and banking called TosanBoom Innovation Challenge. Over 170 teams applied for the 3 day hackathon, where 24 teams were selected to join to battle.
PayPing launches its product today becoming Iran’s first C2C money transferring platform. PayPing mechanism is pretty much like the existing paypal.me.

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