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Alireza Jozi
Co-Founder at TechRasa. Startup ecosystem enthusiast. Learner and world citizen. Based in Tehran and Vienna. Reached at Alireza@TechRasa.com
Cable Internet
A couple years of riding the merry-go-round is the best way to describe Iran’s national fiber optic project. Can the monopoly holder Iranian Net commence this infrastructure project or will other national and international companies take over?
Payment Service Provider
Though the regulators are far behind, Payment Service Providers (PSP) are testing and implementing NFC payments nationwide.
Adro - Time Square
The one year old Iranian Ad-exchange Adro has set a new record in Iran’s AdTech scene by reaching 50 Billion ad impression.
Pirate Summit 2016 Buffer
An entrepreneur’s mind is nothing like the ordinary, and Pirate Summit 2016 was the same.
Online Shops - Kashan Bazaar
It started by getting up early in the morning and heading to the super crowded bazar to purchase the items you needed. The difference now is that you go to a website or an app with a fast growing and highly trafficked audience.
Nokia Iran
A new chapter of collaboration between Iran and Nokia has started that brings new technologies to Iran.
A business delegation from the famous Turkish mobile operating network Turkcell has been present in Iran for the Iran Connect conference to sign multiple deals with Iran.
Iran's tech
Iran’s fast growing Tech & ICT sector will absorb over 16 billion Euros to insure it’s growth and development.
European banks Iran
As of January 2016 European companies, firms and banks got the green light to engage with Iran when the nuclear agreement took effect. But something left European banks on a two way.
Iran Internet
Growth in Iran’s internet infrastructure translates into growth in internet based businesses like tech startups. Iran’s internet bandwidth has grown significantly in the past 3 years, though it’s far beyond where it should be.

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