This year more than 5.16 million Iranian families participated in Iran’s Online Population Census. This is the first time that Statistical Center of Iran (SCI) is conducting the census online.


The results of the national population and housing census are the most detailed and important source to know the socio-economic characteristics of the population, such as health and treatment, education, migration, food, status in employment etc. in a country. The results are also the cornerstone for micro and macro planning decisions and policy makings.

Since 1956, Iran has conducted seven censuses. The Statistical Center of Iran (SCI) conducted the census every ten years until 2006, when it was decided a five-year interval would be established. With the increase of internet penetration in the last decade, censuses have evolved in terms of using technology. For example, in the 2011 national population and housing census, 113,500 Census staff participated in the census field operation and 54524 enumerators recorded information on population, housing and household characteristics during 20 days by visiting all places in 31 provinces, 397 sub‐ provinces, 1,331 cities/towns and 96,549 villages.

Now imagine if a country could use the internet as a communication tool to fill out the survey forms. This year, for the first time Statistical Center of Iran is conducting the census online. During the first two days of the survey only about 30,000 people could complete their registrations due to technical problems that occurred on the website of Iran Statistical Center.

The eighth round of Population and Housing Census began on September 24 and will run through November 15. This round will be conducted in two phases. Online registration from September 24 to October 15 (which is extended to October 18) and door-to-door survey from October 16 to November 15. “So far some 20 percent have taken part in the online Population census which makes us hold the second place worldwide after Japan with 35 percent participation,” said Omid Ali Parsa, the director of the Statistical Center of Iran. “Nearly 5.16 million Iranian families constituting of 17.4 million individuals chose web-based services to fill out census forms so far.”

He further encouraged the public to take part in the online Population census as it helps to reduce expenses incurred by the door-to-door visits of the surveyors. And for privacy issues, he went on to say that all the information people provide to the website are confidential and none of the other bodies have access to them.

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