A few months ago, Iran’s Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports had stated that no matchmaking website has received a license to operate in the country. Now Iran’s Cyber Police is claiming that a matchmaking website for marriage named Hamsan has received a permit under the license of the Ministry.

Hamsan is not actually an independent website but a subsidiary of Tebyan.net which offers educational and cultural content and services to its users. Despite what it seems, Hamsan is not intended for finding dates. The website is actually a platform which lets users add their personal details and the criteria they’re looking for in a potential spouse.

During the registration process the spouse-seeker has to fill out details about his/her personal information such as height, weight, skin color, dress type, salary and also details about their family members. After filling out the information the applicant has to also answer a psychological questionnaire. The applicant’s information will then be studied by a team of marriage experts to find the right potential spouse for them.

“Until now, only this website has been able to receive the permit and the necessary approvals. No other website has a permit for matchmaking activities in the country,” stated Ali Nik Nafis, an official from Iran’s Police Cyber Police. According to Nik Nafis, Hamsan was launched in order to facilitate marriage for the youth. The website is based on an Iranian-Islamic model built with the guiding principles of the country’s culture and customs, according to the officials.

Popular dating apps such as Tinder are being used in Iran, despite being blocked by the Committee of Criminal Content Determination. This has led the government to work on local online initiatives to answer the needs of the Iranian users.

A number of educational articles on the topic of marriage and relationships are also available on Hamsan. On the mother website Tebyan, users are able to ask questions from the experts and seek their advise. Tebyan.net is an entity affiliated to the Islamic Propaganda Organization which was launched in 2002.

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