Nevisa Live, first ever online speech dictation software in Persian is now launched.

These days every business has to do something with computers and typing. But the problem is, many of these people aren’t experts in typing and it’s pretty time-consuming for them to type rather than handwrite.

Thanks to Nevisa, without the need of a keyboard, you can speak in your computer’s microphone and the software converts your words to Farsi alphabet. On Nevisa’s new version, the vocabulary has doubled to 120 thousand words since the previous version.


“You can upload an audio file you recorded before, and the software has the ability to transcribe the audio.”, Said Dr. Hossein Sameti, the software developer and professor at the faculty of software engineering at Sharif University of Technology.

“Another feature of the website is the ability to recognize the accent and the tone of the speaker and to make a personal profile for each user.”, he added.

Various versions of the software are available right now depending on the user’s needs. The editions include: Home edition; for personal use, Advance edition; for writers, publishers, students and teachers; professional edition; for organizations, businesses and typing centers; Legal edition, for lawyers, juries and official facilities and medical edition; for typing radiology, MRI and CT Reports.

Picture from Nevisa voice dictation app
Picture from Nevisa voice dictation app

Nevisa benefits from a noise robustness technique that helps the software to better understand the user’s voice even in noisy environments.

The software is developed by Asre Gooyesh Pardaz Co. (AGP), a knowledge based company, focusing on artificial intelligence and signal processing. The team of developers are experts and graduates from Sharif University of Technology. The trial version of the app is available on ASR Gooyesh Pardaz’s website for free, for users to test.

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