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Startup Community Builder, Co-Founder & CEO at TechRasa. Email: Mohammadreza[at]TechRasa.com
Iran startup ecosystem is just starting its journey and in order for it to get into the right direction, it needs more content on the web to suit its needs at this stage. Iran is a young, educated and tech-savvy country. People are craving to use online services to get...
Irancell Launched its LTE-TDD for households and businesses in Iran. This is the first time that this technology is introduced in Iran.
Persian language
When you think of Iran's market, you should consider the neighboring countries as well. Why? Simply because there are 110M people in the region speaking Persian with a similar culture.
iphones ban Iran
Right now there are 5 to 6 million iPhones in Iran. But with the new initiative from the government to ban the use of unregistered mobile phones, we might no longer see any new iPhones in the hands of Iranians.
messaging apps
Today Iran’s Deputy Minister of ICT announced that developing domestic messaging apps is one of Iran's priorities in the country’s ICT sector.
Internet pricing
After many rumors on internet pricing in Iran, new internet pricing just got released by the Ministry of Communications. The Internet access prices via ADSL and Public WiFi got %16 to %30 cheaper.
Today the Head of Iranian Space Agency announced that Iran would launch up to two satellites by the end of this Persian year.
Forget about Google Play, we do things differently here. The place to go for downloading Android apps in Iran is Cafe Bazaar with 29M installs. You might be wondering which device brands and models are making the most money for Cafe Bazaar and developers.
Irancell finally released a public statement about the exposure of their user data. The statement is one of the most shameful statements that we have seen or hear in our lifetime. Want to know what they had to say about the data leak?
Irancell hack
We are hearing so many news about the hacking of Iranian websites recently, and now it's mobile operator's turn. Yesterday Irancell's database got hacked and 20M users' information got leaked on the net. This might be the biggest hack ever happened in Iran.

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