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Hamed is a startup community builder in Tehran. He is passionate in tech, entrepreneurship and innovation. You can reach him at Hamed[at]techrasa.com
Central Bank of Iran is planning to regulate virtual currencies and the blockchain technology in 2018.
Central Bank of Iran is planning to regulate virtual currencies and the blockchain technology in 2018.
Iran Gets Connected to International Payment Systems Through Russia
Iran’s local payment system, SHETAB is getting connected to global payment systems through an agreement between Iran’s Informatics Services Corporation and Russia’s BPC.
5 Issues Facing Travel Tech Startups in Iran - Credit: Ninara (Wikipedia)
Ever since the nuclear agreement, Iran’s tourism sector has been growing steadily. But the country's travel tech companies are still facing some issues which are slowing down their growth rate. 
An Iranian Bank Has Invested over 26 million Dollars on Startups
Apparently Iranian banks have decided to get more engaged with the country’s startup scene. According to an Iranian official, over 100 billion Tomans (26 million dollars) has been invested in knowledge-based or startup companies by an Iranian bank.
42 Million Gamers in Iran by 2022 - Photo courtesy of IRCG
The digital game production industry might be young in Iran, but the history of gaming goes as far as 40 years ago. The following infographic reviews the most important trends and events of gaming in Iran and forecasts the population of Iranian gamers in the year 2022 (In accordance with the year 1400 in Solar Hijri calendar). 
International Companies to Invest in Iran's Newly Opened ICT Park
Iran’s ICT Ministry is inviting international companies to bring foreign investments into the country’s newly opened ICT Science and Tech Park.  
Google services in Iran
A recent study shows that out of Google's 27 marketing and business services only 44 percent are accessible in Iran.
According to a recent study, 6 out of 10 Iranians are a member of Telegram messaging app. The study also indicates that 58.4% of Iranians over the age of 18 are using this app. 
Iran May Soon Modify its Copyright Law
Iran’s Minister of Communications and Technology has recently stated that the copyright law in the country should be revised. A new bill on copyright will soon be presented to the Iranian parliament according to Iran’s ICT Minister. 
Competing with Giants: An Example of a Thriving Iranian Startup
Can up-and-coming local startups compete with well-known international tech companies? In this article we’re going to take a look at Dunro, an Iranian location-based app similar to Foursquare. 

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