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Hamed is a startup community builder in Tehran. He is passionate in tech, entrepreneurship and innovation. You can reach him at Hamed[at]techrasa.com
TEDxTehran 2016 Favorite City Apps
We are excited to announce that TechRasa and TEDxTehran have partnered up this year to showcase a list of handpicked applications that are making the everyday life of Tehran citizens easier.
86% of Iran's Cybercrime Takes Place on Telegram & Instagram
According to a recent statement by Iran’s Cyber Police, 66% of Cybercrimes in Iran take place on Telegram, 20% on Instagram and less than 2% on WhatsApp.
Tehran a School for All
Tehran Municipality has taken on a new initiative to identify and help the poor kids of the city and their families through an online platform called Jahadiam. Tehran’s citizens could become volunteer teachers for the kids who can’t attend school due to poverty. The motto for this initiative is called “Tehran, a school for all”.
Iran Mobile Operators Statistics After MNP Implementation
According to a research by the Deputy of Strategic Planning and Control of Iran’s ICT Ministry, mobile penetration in the country has reached to 98.9% in September since the 97.59% in June 2016. During this period of time, Mobile Number Portability (MNP) got implemented in the country.
Iran's Online Fashion Scene Gets More Competitive
Some might think that Iran’s online shopping market is saturated, but more startups are popping up every day to fill the gap in specific sectors such as online apparel and fashion.
According to Statistical Center of Iran, 13.5 million household (55.5%) have access to internet. Of this number, 7 million households (51.9%) have access to fixed high-speed internet connection and 10.7 million households (79%) have access to wireless high-speed internet.
Iran Science VP Eager to Expand Tech Coop from East to West
After signing some deals with European partners, the Iranian VP is currently traveling in China along with a high-ranking delegation to enhance cooperation between the two countries.
Central Bank of Iran Regulated Mobile Wallet
With the new agreement between Iran’s first mobile operator and the Informatics Services Corporation, new banking services over mobile phones would be provided.
Solarplaza Renewable Energy Future Iran
The Renewable Energy Future Iran, a conference connecting 150+ international and local stakeholders to discuss wind and solar opportunities is taking place on October 19th in Tehran.
AT&T Rightel Mobile Roaming
It seems that AT&T and Rightel (the third mobile operator in Iran) have found a way to cooperate with each other in order to provide mobile roaming for their users in Iran and the United States, despite the US sanctions still in place.

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