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Hamed is a startup community builder in Tehran. He is passionate in tech, entrepreneurship and innovation. You can reach him at Hamed[at]techrasa.com
According to an article published on VentureBeat, a recent study of Iran's video game market shows an approximate $140 million revenue in 2015. Iran's PC and console games revenue is expected to reach $167 million in 2016, according to a study which has been based on the data conducted by Newzoo research firm.
e-business improvement conference
On Wednesday January 27th The first E-business Improvement Conference took place in Isfahan, Iran. The conference focused on various topics regarding to starting an online business in Iran, the developments in this sector and overcoming its challenges.
Technology is playing a big role in education and education-focused startups are considered to have a big impact in this fast growing industry. Here are a few education-based startups that are trying to fill the gap in this market.
Mobile Penetration in Iran
Latest statistics from the Ministry of Communications show that there are 72 million active cellphones in Iran and the mobile penetration rate has reached to 92.09 percent. See this infographic to see the latest statistics from these 3 mobile network operators.
E-business Conference Esfahan
The first E-business Improvement Conference will take place on Wednesday January 27th in Esfahan, Iran. The talks in the conference will include various topics related to e-commerce and ranges from running an online business in Iran to overcoming the challenges in this sector.
It is reported that Orange S.A the French multinational telecommunication corporation has shown interest to invest on MCI (Hamrah-e Aval) the dominant mobile operator in Iran. Turkcell the leading mobile phone operator of Turkey is also eying on Iran's market to further expand in the region.
Pickpack is the first provider of logistics services for Iranian e-commerce websites. Pickpack -previously known as Pardakht and now a service part of Pardakht E-commerce Provider- was established in 2010 and is focused on providing solutions to warehousing, packaging and delivery for online shops.
We have selected 5 Android games for you which have been created by Iranian developers. Enjoy playing these games this weekend and see the achievements of Iranians in this industry.
Volunteers have a big impact on the growth of a community. They could help drive entrepreneurship in a society and have a ripple effect in their community. Here are 9 reasons why you should consider becoming a volunteer in a startup community.
Surena III is the third generation of a humanoid robot developed by Iranian experts in the University of Tehran. This 1.9 meters (6 feet 3 inches) robot is able to recognize Persian commands, react to human behavior, climb up and down stairs and walk on rough surfaces.

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