Techstars is kicking off the biggest entrepreneurial celebration around the world – Techstars Global Startup Weekend 2018 which will be held from November 4 – 18. During this time, entrepreneurs from over 70 countries will come together, form teams and go from idea to product in just 54 hours.


To help the regional communities to continue to grow and evolve, Techstars Global Startup Weekend is looking for active members in the community to collaborate with and be part of this global initiative by organizing a Techstars Startup Weekend in their cities during either of these weekends.  

Since the first Techstars Startup Weekend began in Tehran in September 2012, many Iranian startups found it was to succeed. Mamanpaz network of mom chefs at home and a crowdfunding platform.

For this year’s edition, Techstars is providing exclusive resources for attendees to help prep for success during the weekend of the Techstars Startup Weekend event and make connections to mentors and other startup teams. In addition to this, the winning team of each event will gain access to helpful perks for building their startup in their country, as well as the opportunity to submit their startup for a regional and global showcase after the event.

If you or someone you know wants to join the Techstars Startup Weekend Organizing community, fill out an application to host an event at

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